Print & Branding Design


Print design alongside Branding design are two key passions for DTS Design Studio; to develop a visual strategy to tell both the story of an event, company or person as well as to help express their future hopes and dreams. Our experience is both in the development of traditional media and more creative outlets.


Motion Design


Telling stories visually and through time is a major element of the portfolio of DTS Design Studio. Clients include UTS:Housing and Bloomsbury Publishing. Motion design services provided by DTS Design Studio can include 2D animation through composting or vector animation or 3D animation using programs like Cinema 4D to create 3D graphics and real world scenarios.


Event & Exhibition Design

One of the most important things in pulling off a successful event is the ability to transport the visitor/user into an entirely new world or experience. This ability can be created through an excellent designed experience beginning with the invite all the way through to the post communication elements. DTS Design Studio can help to bring your event together.



Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on our designs, process and abilities. If you would like a quote for a project or would like us to come on board for your project then by all means let us know. We're happy to help.

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